Knowledge Engineering of Researcher Data (KNERD)

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Doba řešení: 1. března 2020 - 28. února 2021
Řešitel: Gollam Rabby, Ph.D.
Pracoviště: Fakulta informatiky a statistiky
Katedra informačního a znalostního inženýrství (4070)

Samostatný řešitel
Poskytovatel: Ministerstvo školství, mládeže a tělovýchovy
program: Interní grantová agentura VŠE
Celkový rozpočet: 297 740 Kč
Registrační číslo F4/43/2020
Číslo zakázky: IG407020
The broader goal of the one-year project is to contribute to the worldwide research effort in knowledge engineering for research data. The three threads to be followed by the student members of the team (who are the main workforce of the project) are integrated research knowledge graph construction from disparate portals, relying on a larger number of ontological types of entities (people, research artifacts, research areas, project, publications, events, etc.) in a balanced manner; modeling of the researcher (specifically, PhD student) research career progressing in time; and modeling aspects of the scholarly review process (focusing on review criteria and their polarity values). The connecting glue of the whole project will be a modular system of (both newly developed and reused) ontologies, populated with instance data so as to create a reusable knowledge graph. The publication outcomes of the project will be two published conference papers and one manuscript submitted to a top-tier journal.

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