Textilní průmysl v 19. století ve Velké Británii a Rakousko-Uhersku

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Doba řešení: 1. března 2024 - 28. února 2026
Řešitel: Ing. Lucie Mařanová
Pracoviště: Fakulta podnikohospodářská
Katedra managementu (3100)

Samostatný řešitel
Poskytovatel: Ministerstvo školství, mládeže a tělovýchovy
program: Interní grantová agentura VŠE
Celkový rozpočet: 243 360 CZK
Registrační číslo F3/53/2024
Číslo zakázky: IG310034
This project compares managers in the 19th century textile industry, focusing on two different European contexts: Britain and Austria-Hungary. The textile industry, a cornerstone of the Industrial Revolution, saw different management styles and business strategies in different regions, reflecting wider socio-economic and cultural nuances. The aim of this research is to delineate the management practices, philosophies and efficiency paradigms that prevailed in the two regions by examining archival records, business correspondence and contemporary reports.

Key areas of comparison include leadership styles, decision-making processes, working relationships, technology adoption and responses to market dynamics. The study also examines the influence of national policies, economic structures and cultural factors on managerial approaches.

The two proposed papers have mainly theoretical contributions in several areas.
The research contributes to a richer historical understanding of the 19th-century textile industry, an essential part of the Industrial Revolution, by providing detailed nsights into the management strategies employed in different regions. By examining these distinct European contexts side by side, the article sheds light on how different socio-economic and cultural environments influenced management practices in a crucial period of industrial history.

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